Azúcarada: Son Jarocho Califorñano

UpAzúcarada is a Son Jarocho band based in The Bay Area, and they are members of a community collective called "Son de la Bahia."  Son Jarocho is a folk genre of music from Veracruz, Mexico with Indigenous, Spanish, African and Arabic roots.  It combines elements of call and response singing, improvisation, percussive dancing, and community participation.  The "Fandango" is the natural setting for Son Jarocho.  Fandangos are festive events where the whole community can come listen, eat, sing, dance and play, regardless of level of musicianship.  Azúcarada is dedicated to studying and sharing their love for Son Jarocho, music they sincerely believe cultivates joy, opens hearts, and heals.

Members:  Monica Fimbrez & Cassandra Millspaugh