1. Pieces

From the recording Nuevos Caminos


If we are all pieces of the same source
then the peace we seek
lies in the piece
we need to be
We’re all on the same course
this isn’t a race
it’s all relative, this “pace”
There’s no way to win
in a world of separation
excessive categorization
If one is ahead
that means someone else is behind
and well, that’s just not really winning
I find that the only way to win this game
is for each one of us to realize
we’re inherently the same
Just different expressions, reflections, perceptions
But you are who
I would even be if I were you

If you find that you’re hiding, fighting
biting your tongue
trying to lie to yourself that life is fun
then there’s a piece of you just waiting to be switched on
Just ‘cause you don’t see it
doesn’t mean that it’s gone
and even if you’re scared
it doesn’t mean that you’re wrong
Every bolt
every screw
blade of grass
grain of sand
makes a beach
makes a park
makes the phone in your hand
But you wouldn’t use a grain of sand for water
or food
so why would you use your life to be anyone
but you?

It’s when we’re all flowing
and at our own pace
that everything else can fall
into its place.

By: Monica Fimbrez